Payments Tech

Is your Business Ready to Accept EMV Payments?

Is your Business PCI Compliant?

Digital Market POS and it’s partners, Heartland and CardConnect are delivering EMV compliant and NFC proximity payment capable (ApplePay) solutions to businesses in all industries. Whether you are in Retail, Restaurant, Non-Profit or B2B, we can help you deploy future proofed payment acceptance programs.

Digital Market POS payment solutions combine unmatched security with the latest in payment technology.

Digital Market POS has a long pedigree in Electronic Payments. Our roster of customers includes many “high profile” Chicago-based brands and businesses with national footprints across a variety of industries. Our focus on integrated technologies extends to payments where we bridge e-Commerce, m-Commerce and brick and mortar card acceptance into a single back end for streamlined financial reporting.

Protect your Customers – Protect your Data – Protect your Business

Point-to Point Encryption. The only true protection for POS-based malware attacks, P2PE instantly encrypts all sensitive data upon swipe or card data input.
PCI Certified Vault. With our secure Vault Soltutions sensitive data will never reside on your system. All encrypted card numbers will be stored in our partners 100% PCI compliant environment, protecting your customers from identity theft and removing your systems from PCI scope entirely.

Intelligent Tokenization. Intelligent tokenizations instantly tokenizes sensitive data across all entry points, supporting both payment cards and PII. Beyond being fully irreversible, Our tokens never expire, are reusable, and comply with data integrity checks like the Luhn test.
Data Breach Protection. Heartland Secure & CardSecure provides true protection from malicious cyber attacks, including POS-related malware and network intrusions.

Want to Accept EMV & Get Secure?