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The days of managing disparate systems to handle front of house and back office operations have long been over. Restaurant Software Developers have done a great job delivering on the core functions of order entry & sales reporting. But today’s savvy operators want everything integrated through the Point of Sale.

Examples include:
•Employee Management, Payroll and Labor Forecasting
•Payments, Gift Card & Loyalty Programs
•Deals, Discounts and Promotion Redemption
•Online Ordering and e-Commerce Sales
•Mobile App, Social Media & other Modern Marketing Capabilities
•Emerging Payments i.e. EMV, ApplePay, NFC Proximity Payments
The Digital Market POS mantra is TOTAL INTEGRATION wherever possible.
Our solutions are field tested.

Intuitive. Reliable. Easy to use.

Dinerware POS software offers the flexibility to manage your business your way. Whether you own a fine dining restaurant, a bar, or a family café, Dinerware meets your service environment’s specific needs.

Intuitive Order Entry & Ticket Management. Dinerware drives Speed of Service. Leverage Fast Pay™ to sell an item in two touches and pay immediately. Leverage List View™ to sort and pay multiple tickets to multiple tender types. Print delivery information and receipts. Assign tips to multiple checks.
Integrated Online Ordering. Leverage Web Based Ordering to manage catering sales and advanced orders.
Pay at Table and EMV Compliance. Dinerware has multiple solutions for Merchant EMV compliance and enhanced guest engagement for Full-Service Operators.
Standard Database. Modify the included database to suit your business needs. Store data from other programs in the same database.
Customer Database. Look up any customer with one touch and view previous orders and favorite items! Order their favorite item with one touch.
Powerful Reporting. Access from anywhere with Dinerware Home Office web based reporting. Dinerware generates over 80 reports about job performance, payroll, voids, daily sales and more. Export data to applications such as Excel.
Data Portability. You always have control over your own data with Dinerware. The software supports export of all database information into multiple formats including CSV, XLS, PDF and others.

Dinerware is an Open Platform supporting Powerful Integrations with Emerging 3rd Party Technologies! Below are just a few examples.

TableSafe. TableSafe provides a secure, elegant pay-at-the-table platform designed specifically for full-service Restaurants that streamlines the check delivery, payment and close processes. TableSafe provides Restaurants a clear path to EMV compliance and the October, 2015 credit card liability shift while delivering significant benefits to Restaurant Management, Servers and Guests.

QSR Online. QSR Online offers an enterprise management solution that empowers small to medium sized restaurants to make critical business decisions concerning inventory, food costing, payroll and many other key reports.

CaptureCode. An interactive marketing company which offers a unique personalized engagement solution for merchants that unifies real-time analytics, loyalty programs, store credit, deals, payments, social gifting, and marketing automation into a single, seamless consumer experience.

The Exchange. Turns a bar into a stock market for an evening. Drink prices fluctuate based upon what is selling, with trading prices displayed on TVs. From the customers’ perspective, it is fun, interactive and engaging. From the bars’ perspective, it drives sales, manipulates buying behaviour and keeps customers in the bar longer.

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